United Guaranty awards Plymouth Housing Group $50,000 grant

United Guaranty grant to Plymouth

Left to right: Brad Rable, Executive Vice President, United Guaranty; Paul Lambros, Plymouth Executive Director; Sheryl Medeiros, General Counsel, United Guaranty.

We are pleased to announce that Bellevue insurance provider, United Guaranty Corporation, has awarded Plymouth a $50,000 grant in support of our new Sustaining Hope Capital Campaign. The gift will help Plymouth build 81 new homes in the South Lake Union neighborhood, as well as refurbish another 157 homes already in Plymouth’s housing portfolio.

While homelessness continues to have a deep, negative impact on our community, the Seattle/King County 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness has proven successful in helping reduce the impact of homelessness during its first five years, yet the number of people waiting for homes is still unacceptably high. Approximately 2,500 homeless adults in our community sleep on the street each night.

But Plymouth can change that picture. The more homes we build, the more people we can help leave homelessness behind forever. At a time when our social safety net is fraying, gifts like this from United Guaranty are imperative to step up our efforts to end homelessness by building more innovative, sustainable and affordable housing.

“We are delighted to welcome United Guaranty as a philanthropic partner,” commented Plymouth Executive Director Paul Lambros.

Read more about our Sustaining Hope Capital Campaign and how you can help.