The Queen City Grill Will Live On with New Ownership

We’re very happy to say that we’ve reached an agreement to keep the Queen City Grill in its space at our Lewiston Apartments at 1st & Blanchard.

Our Executive Director, Paul Lambros, says, “This is a real win/win. Plymouth strives to have high quality, locally owned businesses in our ground-floor retail spaces. We’re proud that this transition will ensure that Queen City Grill can serve future generations of Belltown customers.”

We worked hard to find a positive compromise as Queen City Grill neared the end of its lease term. On December 23, an agreement was reached to allow for a new lease of the Queen City Grill space to a different ownership group that will honor the spirit of this longtime neighborhood business by retaining many of the Queen City Grill’s employees and the restaurant’s iconic, classic feel.

The new ownership group will be comprised of business partners Trevor Greenwood and Wade Moller, owners of the Cantinetta restaurants in Wallingford and Bellevue (Old Main Street), Bar Cantinetta in Madison Valley, Mercato Stellina pizzeria (also on Old Main in Bellevue), and Chavez on Capitol Hill. Greenwood is a former Queen City Grill employee and manager who has a unique insight into what makes the Queen a special and magical place for the city and its long-standing patrons. Their plan is to retain the soul of the Queen City Grill and to reinvest in its classic space while bringing the menu up to the culinary standards demanded by today’s Seattle patrons. “I’m very excited about bringing new energy back into the Queen,” say Greenwood. “I have a lot of nostalgia for her past and optimism for her future.”

Plymouth is proud to provide lease space to 15 restaurant and retail commercial tenants, the proceeds of which go toward our mission.