Housing + Healthcare = Hope

While Darrell experienced homelessness, finding a safe place to sleep was more critical than a trip to the doctor’s office to address his serious medical concerns. At the same time, he worried about having a seizure while living on the streets. If he did, no one would be nearby to call 911—or even if they were, the ambulance might not be able to find him because he wouldn’t be at any set address.

Now that he’s found a home at Plymouth, however, Darrell’s been able to stabilize his health. Having a safe place to live means he can make it to doctors’ appointments regularly. He also knows that if urgent medical needs arise, there’s an onsite nurse available, and with Plymouth staff working 24/7, there’s always someone nearby to help. 

Darrell reflects on how having housing has enabled him to regain control of his health and his life. “Being healthier,” he says, “keeps you moving forward.”

That’s the power of integrating housing and healthcare. With your support, Plymouth will continue changing lives.

Plymouth has partnered with Harborview Medical Center for our newest project, Plymouth on First Hill. When the building opens this fall, we’ll give 77 people like Darrell the opportunity to rebuild their lives and their health. Not only will the building provide the same services we offer at all of our permanent supportive housing projects (furnished studio apartments with housing case management, 24-hour front desk staff, and community-building activities), it will also offer onsite nursing, integrated medical care, and mental health and substance use services.

Not only does this model save lives, but it also saves public dollars. For those experiencing homelessness, trips to the Emergency Room for acute medical needs are more common, in part because regular visits to the doctor are so challenging. Compare the cost of year-round permanent, supportive housing to common alternatives:



This summer, your contribution will help Plymouth continue our mission: building hope, changing lives, and bringing even more people out of homelessness and into healthy, supportive homes.