Srebnik, D., Connor, T. and Sylla, L. “A Pilot Study of the Impact of Housing First–Supported Housing for Intensive Users of Medical Hospitalization and Sobering Services.” American Journal of Public Health Vol. 103, No. 2 (2013): 316-321.

Across a group of 29 new Plymouth tenants (each a heavy utilizer of costly public services while living on the streets), public costs decreased by an average of $62,000 per person in their first 12 months at Plymouth (total public savings of $1.8M for just those 29 residents and over just their first 12 months at Plymouth). These 12-month savings far exceed the $14,000 it costs Plymouth on average to provide a person with a permanent home and support services for a year.


King County Department of Community and Human Services: Impact of Supported Housing on Acute Care and Jail Utilization. (2013).

This report summarizes the acute care and jail utilization impacts of King County-sponsored permanent supported housing (PSH), including Plymouth Housing Group. Data showed that PSH programs save the public, on average, approximately $1,474 to $33,125 per tenant on acute care and jail utilization during their first year in a PSH program. Plymouth’s “Begin at Home” program yielded a 74% reduction in costly emergency room use – the highest decrease across all PSH programs studied by King County.