Do You Need Housing?

Plymouth’s waitlist for subsidized units will be closed to new applications after November 30, 2012.

The Rental Office will continue to follow our waitlist policies. We will process applications for the people who are active on the waitlist. Applicants need to check in each month. Applicants must respond to messages about available units.

Please see the frequently asked questions listed below for more information about the waitlist closure.

The Rental Office will accept applications again when all of the people who are active on the waitlist have had the opportunity to apply for a vacant unit. Our partner agencies have been notified by email and letter. There will be a sign on the Rental Office door.


Why is the waitlist closing?

We want to reduce barriers for applicants and move people into housing as soon as possible.

Plymouth’s waitlist for subsidized units has more than 900 people on it. They have been waiting for up to 2 years to be offered a chance to apply for a unit.

Every person on the waitlist needs to check in with the Rental Office each month. This is very time-consuming for applicants and staff. Applicants are discouraged when they need to wait so long for housing. Many people struggle to check in regularly. Some fall off the list several times and need to reapply often.

Plymouth wants to offer short wait times for openings. We would like to offer more outreach and support for applicants in our community. We can do that if we work with fewer people at a time.

Will people who are active on the waitlist now lose their spot?

No, the Rental Office will continue to process all of the active applications received before November 30, 2012. Our current policies will be in place: 1) People need to check in every month; 2) People need to respond to offers to apply for a unit within 5 business days. An application becomes inactive when someone doesn’t follow these policies. After November 30, people will not be able to reapply if their application becomes inactive.

How will Plymouth tell people when applications are accepted again?

Plymouth will begin to take new applications when the Rental Office has processed each active application on the current waitlist. We will make an announcement in several ways. Partner agencies will receive a letter and an email. There will be postings at the Rental Office. Plymouth’s website will announce that applications are being accepted. Interested people can sign up to be notified, too.

Will the Rental Office still be open?

Yes, the Rental Office will still be open. Staff will be working on the applications of people now on the waitlist for vacancies in our buildings. Staff will offer referrals and information to people who are interested in permanent housing, shelter, food, and other services in the community.

Plymouth Housing Group provides permanent, supportive housing for single adults, eighteen-years-old and above, who are homeless and very-low-income.

Most of our applicants have been homeless for a long time, are challenged by one or more disabilities, and have difficulty finding other housing options due to disabilities, poor rental histories and/or criminal records. Applicants must have incomes less than 30% of local median income in order to qualify for subsidized housing and must be homeless.

If you have questions, please contact:

Plymouth’s Housing Rental Office
Phone: 206-652-8325

1524 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Hours of operation: Mon.-Fri., 9-3, closed on Wednesdays.


If your income is low, but greater than 30% of area median, we have a number of affordable, non-subsidized apartments in Seattle. Learn more by clicking here.