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Volunteers Bring Connection and Hope

Volunteers at Plymouth Housing Group further our mission – a home and a better quality of life for all individuals – by creating an atmosphere of home and community for our formerly homeless residents and giving them new connections, opportunities, support and hope for the future.

Volunteering at Plymouth provides the opportunity to help residents develop community connections and friendships. The skill-building, mentoring and social interaction that occurs through our volunteer program contributes to residents’ confidence and helps them maintain stability in permanent housing.

Opportunities range from one-time efforts to ongoing service, and are available for individuals as well as groups. Youth volunteers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


1. View the many volunteer opportunities below.

2. Sign up to receive monthly volunteer email announcements.

3. Fill out the volunteer application.

4. Meet with the Volunteer Manager to discuss the best fit for you.

5. Attend a volunteer orientation. Please email volunteer@plymouthhousing.org to reserve a spot.

6. Take a Walking Tour of Plymouth  (please contact us to explore customized tours for individuals or groups).


For more information on any of the activities below, please contact us at 206.374.9409, ext. 135 or email volunteer@plymouthhousing.org.



The Importance of Hospitality

Do you have a warm and welcoming spirit? Do you enjoy crafty activities? We are recruiting volunteers who will fill both direct-service and behind-the-scenes roles to support our First 30 Days hospitality efforts. We are looking for folks who have a passion for connecting with others and a desire to help tenants feel safe and welcome in our buildings. Direct-service roles involve volunteering 1-2 hours/week, meeting individually with tenants in their first month of housing to help them acclimate to their new surroundings. Volunteers in behind-the-scenes roles will assist twice a month, crafting welcoming items for our new tenants such as signs, cards, cookies or flower arrangements. If either of these new roles sound exciting to you, please let us know!

Provide a Meal

Because Plymouth residents lived for many years on the streets or in shelters, they often have lost touch with friends and family. Organize a group and “adopt” a building to provide monthly meals for residents, providing community and friendship in a healthy setting. Individuals and families can also contribute a dish to special celebrations (such as Thanksgiving) at a Plymouth building or help serve the meal and socialize with residents.

Essential Supply Center

The Essential Supply Center is a place where residents can obtain goods they might not otherwise be able to afford. All of Plymouth’s tenants are very low-income and each month many have a hard time making ends meet. Donations provide short-term relief to our residents in times of great need. Volunteer to sort donations and assemble welcome baskets for new tenants. Recruit your friends, family, or coworkers to gather non-perishable food, household and personal care items for Plymouth’s residents.

Tenant Connection

Volunteer one-on-one with a Plymouth tenant in need of a friendly,  familiar face and the extra support of a consistent companion. Visit twice monthly to help a tenant with activities such as grocery shopping, light cleaning, going for walks, or just being there to listen.

Enrichment Activities

Lead an activity for residents to explore their talents and creativity, such as painting, writing, yoga, music or a game night. Be a computer mentor, encouraging residents as they learn to navigate the internet, or help tenants with basic life skills. Residents will learn a new hobby, revisit something they enjoyed in the past, and gain tools to help them along their path as they leave homelessness behind forever.

Building Beautification

Help us beautify our properties, brightening the community spaces that Plymouth residents share. Our residents struggle with many issues, so a clean, organized environment helps them stay focused and healthy. Painting, landscaping, and maintenance projects are available year-round and are great for groups. Residents will be thrilled with the results, which will give them pride in their surroundings.

Special Events

Plymouth holds two major fundraising events each year:  the Key to Hope Luncheon and the Seattle Dances! gala. To run these events, we rely on volunteers to help organize and assemble materials, set up on event day, and welcome guests. Volunteers are also needed to conduct a yearly survey with the more than 1,000 tenants in our 13 buildings.