Our Services

Plymouth provides more than just housing.

Thirty-five years of providing housing has taught us that providing homes without “wrap around” support services results in people slipping back into homelessness.

Our staff of case managers, building managers, and behavioral health specialists create a unique care plan for each resident and work with our community social services and medical care partners to address the individual needs of those who live here.

At Plymouth, we’ve implemented innovative ways to bring homeless people rapidly off the streets and into safe, stable, permanent homes.

In the first year of residence we provide intensive care and oversight and then tailor on-going programs for each resident as they regain stability and begin to heal from the trauma of homelessness.


Key Plymouth support programs include:

Begin at Home Program

This innovative program provides six months of intensive stabilization support for medically-compromised homeless people who are just coming in from the community medical/emergency care system. Most of these people have struggled with homelessness for many years.

Familiar Faces Initiative

This King County program connects people who have behavioral and physical health challenges and often end up in jail with permanent housing solutions. Plymouth is proud to participate in this life-changing–and public funding saving–program.

Housing Options Program (HOP)

When a resident remains stable and independent for a year or more, they have the opportunity to apply to live in a more independent living situation. Two Plymouth buildings, Sylvia Odom’s Place and Colwell Apartments, are part of the HOP program.

Shelter Plus Care & Scattered Sites Program

Plymouth administers two federal government housing programs for King County that provide housing vouchers to low-income people. We assist people in finding appropriate market-rate housing, administer rent payments based on their income, and ensure that they receive the appropriate care. Approximately 1000 single adults and families are served by these programs.