Watch Plymouth’s videos to learn how Plymouth’s permanent housing and wraparound support services provide a compassionate and cost-effective solution that brings hope and stability to men and women who had suffered on the streets for many years. Compelling data, personal stories and expert insights portray both the challenges and the life-changing, cost-saving impacts of Plymouth Housing Group.

Seattle Dances: Dancing to End Homelessness

(2017 short documentary created by Jeff Gentes)

Beyond Stability: the Healing Power of the Arts

(2016 short documentary created by Jeff Gentes)

Homelessness, Permanent Supportive Housing, Housing First, and Social Justice.
(2015 short documentary created by Jeff Gentes)

Remarks by Plymouth Housing Group Executive Director Paul Lambros (2015 Key to Hope Luncheon).


Mental Health, Homelessness, and Stability in Housing Through the Eyes of Three Plymouth Residents.

(2014 short documentary created by Jeff Gentes)


2014 Key to Hope luncheon keynote address by Charles Gibson. Compare the cost of permanent supportive housing with other alternatives to caring for homeless adults living with mental illness and you’ll see what a great investment Plymouth is.


Previous videos created by Trifilm.



This two-minute video highlights the issue of homelessness in our community and how Plymouth is working to provide permanent homes for those most in need.



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